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Join us on Pi Day March 14, 2015 (3.1415)

in a collective conscious event, proclaiming Pi Day forevermore as a time to raise peace awareness and
celebrate Joy as the new equation for Peace.

Peace Pi is a grassroots group of folks, gathering all around the world, to celebrate “All Causes of Humanity are Meaningful”, and recognizing that “Humanity is a Beautiful Mess”.Peace Pi’ed Pipers, (as we have come to be known) are conscious, cause-oriented people that celebrate our shared human experience with Joy and a festive happy heart. After commencing with the WORLD’S LARGEST PIE FIGHT FOR PEACE on Pi Day 2014, Peace Pi continued building this network with the vision of gathering for a music, arts and humanities festival celebrated in locations all around the world. Although plans for this year’s festival met with logistic challenges – with the coming 1000-year calendar mark of Pi Day – the essence of Peace Pi’s mission is alive and well.


This year, it is our hope to expand our network of Pi’ed Pipers willing to create and share their joy with us. Wherever you are….whoever you are with…on Pi Day 2015, make your mark on the world and share it with us so we can all celebrate together.

Download one of the Peace Pi Social Media images here to use as your profile picture.

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“Why not us? Why not here? Why not now?

Peace Pi offers A New Equation for Peace.

Come play and join the Pi’ed Pipers on 3.1415!!