Peace Pi offers a New Equation for Peace by harnessing the collaborative power of individuals and organizations, transforming communities through joyous festivals and events that transcend global boundaries, connecting the circle of humanity in a collective vision to create sustainable peace.  We know Peace is attainable.  How do we make it sustainable?

MOTTO: “Humanity is a Beautiful Mess”

Peace Pi celebrates the idea that “Humanity is a Beautiful Mess”. The World’s Largest Pie Fight for Peace puts a face to that idea: Humanity is colorful, beautiful and life, always a little messy. The Pie fight is ironic and symbolic. Ironic, because a pie fight has been at the core of our collective humor since the early days of film. The pie “fight” is symbolic of those barriers that prevent us from peace. Peace “Pi’ed Pipers” are conscious, cause-oriented people who recognize that joy and a festive happy heart are a means of lifting humanity out of the mess that we find ourselves in from time to time.