Included below is the intention-setting Facebook post that propelled us
all down the rabbit hole we are exploring together now with a WORLD PEACE PI FESTIVAL – Robert

Facebook – October 15th 2013

My Birthday Wish – A story 50 years in the making.

So, today is my 51st birthday. What a wacky world we live in right? I have friends all over the world now and got to enjoy a brief smile with all of them, on this occasion. IN every simple little wish – I felt loved and good, and powerful. Thank you. Today gave me the courage I needed to share a birthday wish I have had brewing for a while. Today, I took a deep breath and decided to take a leap of faith and share this with you all – despite that “other” little voice that was trying to stop me.

Here is the brief story of my wish. Somewhere in my 49th year, 2012 – I started thinking about hitting the milestone of 50! Seemed like the biggest mountain of existence and life meaning yet. Why? I don’t know. Everyone else makes 50 out to be something. I guess I felt I needed to do something BIG for my coming 50th celebration in 2012.

I had had dream one night asking the question, “What is the SOMETHING BIG I should do for my 50th birthday?”. Then the “little voice” that shows up in my life once in a while, that has never led me astray, showed up in the dream:

“You need to have a PIE FIGHT for your 50th birthday,” the little voice said.

The idea made me smile and chuckle a little. “Sure! That sounds fun. I would love to have a pie fight for my 50th birthday!”

This little voice is very wise. I have learned to listen to it, no matter how absurd the directions are. I am pretty sure it is the voice of the Universe or God or something – but I can’t be certain. (I’m just glad it is silly and has a sense of humor)

A pie fight! How cool. Laughter… joy… goo… silliness… who ever throws a pie any more? YES! A pie fight could be FUN!!

A few weeks later after contemplating this news that I was going to have a pie fight, there was another dream that woke me up with a little more concern.

“Hey Robert”.
“Yes, little voice..”
“This pie fight thing. Its not just any pie fight. It needs to be the WORLD’S largest pie fight.”
“WHAT?!” my dream voice whimpered – now I am in that half sleep dream state where I know I am dreaming – but it feels very real.
“The worlds largest pie fight? Really?”


The little voice left for the night, leaving me staring at the popcorn patterns in my ceiling, pondering the meaning of and logistics of being called to announce “The world’s largest pie fight”.
This prompted more research. Googling Pie fights, etc. leads me to all manner of record breakers and dumb stuff where I say out loud – “REALLY? That’s the world’s largest pie fight? I CAN SO DO BETTER THAN THAT!!!”
I find great movie pie fights! Laurel and Hardy – The Great Race! Buster Keaton! The classic simple humor of our earlier generation. Such simple laughter back then.

I am day dreaming one day, and the little voice comes to visit.
“Robert – this pie fight. Its not a stupid paper plate filled with cool whip for Guiness Book of World Record stunts. This needs to be the Hindu Color Festival of pie fights! It needs color and life and meaning! It needs purpose! Why do this?”

I start telling a small circle of people about my dream. Everyone laughs. Everyone smiles. Everyone – no matter how crazy it seems – wants to throw a pie at another person and laugh! It makes me happy to share the dream. Everyone seems to get it. YES! FUN!

The plan starts to form. Interest builds. It is clear – this cannot be simply a pie fight, where we throw banana cream or chocolate fluff at each other and wake up the next morning “having done that”. Questions start to fill my head. “WHY are we doing this?” – I don’t want to waste food, right? What if we did this to bring attention to something – or to serve a charity? Can we have a pie fight do something meaningful at the same time?

By God – YES WE CAN!

I talk to event planners and friends who can make thing happen: “This is my dream…can you help me?” “Yes,” they say, “Sounds like fun”. Everyone gets a twinkle in their eye when offered the idea of a pie fight! Yes – lets do it for charity! Yes! YES YES YES.

And then…

I become afraid. The “other” voice says – “this is stupid”, “this is too big”, “who are you to think that something like this can happen?” blah blah blah. The world becomes busy again and I say to myself, “I don’t have the time for this right now”. My 50th birthday passes quietly with simple wishes – and – I table the big dream, silently saying, “I am 50 for a full year – let’s see where this vision will manifest. I believe we manifest our dreams when it is their time. Where will this pause in my dream lead?”

It leads to today.

In the midst of all my friends wishing me birthday wishes, the little voice comes back today in a day dream:

Little voice – “Hi, Robert – remember the dream of the pie fight?”
Me – “Yes, little voice… I remember.”
Little voice – “What happened to that dream, Robert?”

I realize nothing had happened because I let the “other voice” speak louder. The voice that tells me I cannot do something because I am old, or tired – or powerless.


My birthday wish is to help inspire the world’s largest PIE FIGHT for PEACE on or near March 14, 2014, International PI awareness day. I want it to support peace and charity. I want it to inspire charity in my community and communities around the world. Let the plans evolve. Let the sponsors show up. Let the community build. Gather around – let’s play and laugh and have a pie fight for a cause. That’s all I have at the moment. I will create supporting websites and facebook pages and all the “stuff” to help this dream along – and I will put my heart and soul into the idea of a big ol’ colorful pie fight in the next six months. I have no idea where this is may lead. It may fall apart in a meaningless fantasy – or manifest into something we can all feel a part of. I’m just listening to the crazy little voice that says – peace and joy are possible and everyone wants to play along. Throw a pie and laugh out loud. Be silly and free for a little bit.

If you want to play a part, please let me know.
Stay tuned for more details as they come available. Can we dare to do something really big together? Yes – we can.

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone.