World’s First Pie Launcher for Peace Pi Festival on the Daily Planet!

Phoenix-based Mike and Pat Murray, the Maker Twins, started with an idea, and just 24 hours later ended up with the whimsical catapult that flung colorful Pi’s and PEACE into our arena! We are grateful to the Discovery Channel and Daily Planet for covering the Twin’s Pi Launcher and spreading our co-created RANDOM JOY to a global audience. Watch the fun!

Can you build a better gizmo?  Stay tuned for details for the 2015 Pi In The Sky Festival and our plans unfolding for a robotics and hacker contest.  Email us for details and sponsorship opportunities at

CREDIT CopyRight Notice: Footage is provided courtesy of EXPLORATION Distribution Inc ©2014.  All rights reserved.

Take a look at Jeisenia’s Peace Pi Vlog!!


Inaugural Peace Pi – Pie fight for Peace 3.1415 by first and washington