Peace Pi started as one man’s simple dream to host a pie fight to celebrate a special occasion. The dream made him laugh, so he knew it was good. He shared this dream with others. With each person who heard the dream, it began to take on a larger and more beautifully shared colorful vision. He set out playing a tune of constant melodies, inspiring joy with these notes that expanded with each person and became a collective idea to create the World’s Largest Pie Fight. But there was a purpose missing. The Largest Pie Fight in the world clearly had to be celebrated for the Largest Cause in the world. Thus was born the idea to co-create


Imagine it for a moment: laughing, happy people in festive garb, flinging brilliantly colored pie fluff around the world – collectively, consciously and joyously, with purpose, mindful of our shared humanity and meaningful causes! We are celebrating peace, with the awareness that…


Then we discussed when to host this special occasion. Pi Day, of course. Passed by Congress in 2009, Pi Day has become a day to celebrate the wondrous and mysterious mathematical equation that is the foundation for some of science’s greatest discoveries: the wonder of circles and their relationship to the line that divides them. How does Pi equate to Peace?  Pi is a CONSTANT, RANDOM, IRRATIONAL number with a string of INFINITE numbers that brilliant minds have been trying to solve for decades.  World Peace, like Pi, appears to be an unsolvable problem, yet it does not prevent us from trying.  When we look at the problem of peace through the filter of PI, we discover…


Peace Pi is was established as a grass roots group of volunteers around the world to create, promote and share CONSTANT, RANDOM acts of Peace, Joy and Goodwill in the world, expanding into an INFINITE growing network of conscious cause oriented people.  Peace Pi’ed Pipers are people who recognize joy and a festive happy heart as a means to lifting humanity up out of the mess we find ourselves in from time to time.

WE PROCLAIM PI DAYS – 3.1415 – A time for JOY

Within our expanding network of Pi’ed Pipers we ask ourselves, “Why not us?  Why not here?  Why not now”?  The inaugural Peace Pi festival was created and executed on Pi Day March 14 and 15, 2014 in anticipation for this years 1000 year calendar alignment of the number sequence 3.1415, 2015. No better time to activate a genuine movement for Peace.  This year On March 14 and 15, 2015 the World Peace Pi Festival will be anchored in Hance Park (a bridge park), located in the heart of downtown Phoenix Arizona, with satellite events all around the world.  Our collective vision is to co-create a collective conscious experience that raises awareness of Joy as the missing equation to the creation of peace in the world.

Please join us in this movement, by creating a joyous event in your circle of influence.  Share your photos and videos with us so we can broadcast and give the gift of Joy to the world.  Become a Pi’ed Piper.  Contact us for more information and conversation on how to participate at