The KEY Ingredient in ANY Peace Pi Pie is your INTENTION

As the chefs at PEACE PI CORE KITCHEN think of it, a Peace Pi Pie can be either for tossing in play (pie fight or pie games) – or a savory sweet edible meal, exchanged peacefully between people. Both are infused with a peace-creating intention.  One is infused with GOOD, CLEAN FUN in mind, (messy fun, but you know what we mean!) and the other given with GOODWILL or an honorable cause in mind.

The New Generation of Peacemakers doesn’t wear Tie Dye.

Peace Pi’ed Pipers deck out in PiDye!!”

A Peace Pi Pie fight is in essence another way to celebrate in the tradition of a color festival. The mixture is a blend of safe brightly colored corn starch with a few safe other baking ingredients mixed in to make a frothy goop- perfect for pie’ing a loved one in a spirit of joy and laughter.

There really are no rules here… but this is our model for creating a peace pi fight infused with the right amount of intention and care.  Although there are limitless colors that you can use to create a Peace Pi Pie, our inaugural WORLD’S LARGEST PIE FIGHT FOR PEACE – launching on March 15th 2014 in Phoenix Arizona – includes 6 different colors, each representing a cause of humanity to support.   The idea is – whoever shows up to your pie fight can support their favorite cause by creating a pie of color, associated with that cause.  You can give your pies away or sell them and raise funds for specific causes.

Peace Pi celebrates all causes of Humanity as meaningful.  We do not hold one cause higher than another in a pie fight.  We are all in the arena of life together and walk out a beautiful mess covered in all the colors of meaningful causes that we all share.  IN our model of a pie fight we recognize the following 6 colors as causes to support in the world

Each pie, regardless of color is infused with joyous generous intent by their creators.


Pi’ed Pipers for Peace get this question a lot.  A pie fight is ironic and symbolic.  It is ironic because, since the dawn of the silver screen, a good old fashioned pie fight makes us laugh.  It is absurd, ridiculous and shocks or surprises us out of our ordinary, opening us to invite humor and laughter into an otherwise mundane moment.  A pie “fight” – in its humorous intent, is symbolic of the barriers that prevent us from peace.  A Peace Pi Pie, infused with joyous intention, and tossed in a festive spirit, creates an opportunity to break from the ordinary and into the extraordinary world of peace between people.  Absurd? Perhaps – but we are good with that!

What is YOUR Peace Pi Pie

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If you are inclined to support the Peace Pi Movement as an inspirational supportive partner in your efforts, then we also gladly accept your contributions through the creation of any Peace Pi.  Your support is invaluable and helps us expand our reach. Thank you.